Weatherly Group Managing Directors attract talent At the Weatherly Group, we do not confine ourselves to the traditional search process. Instead, we continually redefine our assignments to best attract the talent our client is looking for.

Our first distinctive commitment is to ensure a comprehensive understanding of our client’s culture, structure, and objectives. Keeping our core principle of partnership at heart, we actively invest in a long-term relationship, with the mission to align our approach with our client’s values, goals, and long-term vision.

In addition to building a deep network in the financial sector, our principals have aggregated over one hundred years of experience in screening candidates, and know exactly where to find the best-in-breed human capital for our client’s specific needs.

We go beyond evaluating candidates’ technical skillset. We invest the time to understand their underlying professional aspirations, strengths, and limitations. It is through an in-depth analysis of our candidates’ motivations and overarching potential that we can narrow down our search to only the most relevant talent.

Over the years, we have built a strong track record of unrivaled efficiency and quality.

“Weatherly took the time to understand precisely what our hiring needs were, and didn’t waste our time with “filler” candidates. The professionals there get access to the best talent out there, and it is clear they do a lot of legwork screening them first to make sure they meet our very exacting criteria. We feel they have taken the time to develop a true partnership.” – Senior Portfolio Manager, Distressed Credit Fund


It is in the spirit of that true partnership that we stay in constant contact with both client and new hire, even after the placement, in order to ensure a smooth transition and integration.

Moreover, given our extensive experience working directly with professionals and leading institutions across the financial sector, clients have grown to trust our opinion and frequently seek our perspective on important news in the industry, current trends, and where we believe it will head next.

In essence, while we constantly innovate our search process to best respond to our clients’ needs, it is first and foremost our commitment to building a true partnering relationship that defines how the Weatherly Group works.