Thank you for your interest in the 29th annual Weatherly Group Investment Banking Compensation survey covering the comp year of 2023.

This survey has become widely regarded as the most accurate survey of its type.

Rather than charge interested people for the survey, we choose to give back. The Weatherly Group is seeking to have our community of investment bankers donate a nominal amount, $25 (or more), to one of two charities we’re supporting. Please note that we reserve the right to reject any request that isn’t clearly a banker or someone interested in banking, seeking these results.

If you are seeking this survey for organizational purposes of setting comp, please make a donation of $100 (or more).  We would also be happy to discuss our own view on the compensation landscape with you if you would like to schedule a call. 

To obtain the survey results:

  • Visit one of the charity pages below to see the reasons why we support them and instructions on how to make a donation
  • Once you receive your receipt by email from the charity, please forward that to
  • Within 24 hours you will receive the survey at the email address that the receipt was sent from
  • To help us have the maximum impact to these charities, we ask that you please do not share the survey with friends or colleagues, but to send them to our charity page to obtain the survey directly on their own via contribution.

The Weatherly Group will be matching all donations up to $5000.

Thank you for your interest. Your constructive comments on the survey are invited.