Director of Research

Jasper has been with the Weatherly Group for over five years. Jasper specializes in providing Managing Directors, Principals, and Associates with strategic research, as well as targeted candidate identification and development support. He has a broad professional network that includes candidates of all levels in investment management, including Private Equity and Hedge Funds as well as Investment Banking and Corporate roles.

Jasper’s strong research capabilities, coupled with his background and experience in the specialized placement industry, adds a tremendous amount of value and insight to the entire team at the Weatherly Group. He is able to develop strong source networks, maintain a multi-industry, cross-functional talent database, and deliver accurate and timely results for our team across all industry sectors. Jasper orchestrates the efforts of both in-house and outside research teams in maintaining a database of talent that is far-reaching and beyond the usual sources. Jasper directs research initiatives throughout the continental United States and abroad.

Prior to Weatherly, Jasper has had a diverse professional background, including search and placement activities, research, regulatory compliance and operations. Jasper is active in mentoring children through Big Brothers.